Blank Gift Books are Great Gifts!

Blank Gift Books are great gifts . . . if your friends and family have a sense of humor!

Successes That Happened without Any Effort

Successes That Happened without Any Effort – Our first title!

Here are three great options for Blank Gift Books.


ONE: We have several titles in production. More will be coming out soon. So whether you want to make fun of personal relationships, politics, or society as a whole . . . we’ve got a Blank Gift Book for you!


TWO: You can submit your own design and we’ll help you create a very personalized gift for your friend or family member.


THREE: You might have the next great idea. Who saw Pet Rocks coming? Not us? Tickle Me Elmo? No way. YOU might actually have the next big thing. We can help you get it into production and distribution. Yes, we’re going to take a piece of the action. We’re not stupid. But you keep most of the money and we do all the work.


For example . . . We created this handle little blank book as a marketing tool. The author, Karl W. Palachuk, is always reminding people that Nothing Happens By Itself. So this is a great give-away at conferences. Successes That Happened without Any Effort is a perfect Blank Gift Book. It can be used as a journal or just to take notes. Either way, it drives home the point that you have to work at your success!

So: Whether you want to buy one of our titles or create your own, we’ve got options for you. Click on the links to the left to get started.


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