Create Your Own Blank Gift Book!

Create Your Own Blank Gift BooksThat’s right – Now you can create your own Blank Gift Book. We have a few options.

Great for birthdays, anniversaries, family reunions, and more!

What will YOUR blank gift book be about?

  • Everything Uncle Bob Knows About Fishing
  • The Johnson Family Guide to Peace and Harmony
  • Dad’s Best Advice on Fashion
  • Mom’s Guide to Technology
  • or . . . ?


Buy 10, 25, or 100 Copies 

We would love to help you us create your customized Blank Gift Book. You provide the title, the contents (if any), and the text for the back cover. If you have some graphics to work with, we’ll try to integrate those as well. Note that you much have the right to use and distribute any graphics you send us.

We’ll most up the book for you and send you a proof. This is your book. You own the copyright. You can do whatever you want with it.


Setup Fee – $250. Includes the first 10 books.

Upgrade to 25 books for an additional $99 plus $10 shipping.

Upgrade to 100 books for an additional $399 plus $25 shipping.

Larger orders available upon request. Ask for a quote.


Great Gimmicks for Promotional Events! 

Our first Blank Gift Book was created by Karl Palachuk to promote his speaking events and another “real” book called Relax Focus Succeed®. It’s a cute book, but not really intended to sell a lot on Amazon. But it’s a perfect give-away at conferences. Karl hands them out for free like business cards. Some people use them for taking notes at conferences. Others enjoy the humor of a book called Successes That Happened Without Any Effort from a speaker whose primary message is Nothing Happens By Itself.

What could YOU do with your own Blank Gift Book?


Contact Us and Get Started Today! 


Note: All prices are in US dollars and may be higher in other countries. All orders must be prepaid. Satisfaction is guaranteed.


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