NEW: Bill Clinton’s Guide to Appropriate Behavior

Bill Clinton's Guide to Appropriate BehaviorGuaranteed to be a best seller!

Written by Turner Luce and Phyllis Steen

Edited by Joe Kerr

Bill Clinton’s Guide to Appropriate Behavior – Completely Unabridged Version


A great gag gift for political friends of all persuasions. This is a gag gift filled with completely BLANK pages.

A great book to keep on your coffee table for guests. Excellent conversation starter. Assuming your friends have a sense of humor, this makes a great gift.

This thoroughly researched book by editor Joe Kerr contains detailed information about former president Bill Clinton’s beliefs and practices relating to Appropriate Behavior. This is a 100 page book consisting of scary copyright warnings, followed by blank pages. There is one page for your personal notes at the end.


From the Back Cover:

You know you know him – that guy who just can’t seem to be appropriate. Now there’s help!

This handy little book contains all the knowledge and experience from former President Bill Clinton on

How To Behave Appropriately!

Includes checklists and examples from the former president’s own life.

Learn how to tell if you’re about to act in an inappropriate manner so you can avoid it – IF you want to [wink].

What IS appropriate behavior. As the former president says,

“It depends on what the meaning of  ‘is’ is.”


Hurry Hurry Hurry.

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