Presidential Candidates!

Vote with these hilarious gift books!

Do you have a friend who’s just a little too serious about one of the major Presidential candidates? Send them a message to lighten up – with one of these great blank gift books.

Why Hillary is Good for America Why Trump is Good For America
Why Hillary is Good for America Why Trump is Good for America
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These are great books to keep on your coffee table for guests.

Excellent conversation starters.

Assuming your friends have a sense of humor, they also make great gifts.

Each of these¬†thoroughly researched books by Joe Kerr contains detailed information about why Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton would be a good president. Exhaustively researched and succinctly presented. There is no better summary of these two candidates’¬†talents available in America today.

These are blank gift books with 100 blank pages each.

Order one for every friend you have!

Note: We only printed 250,000 of these books. So order as many as you need – before they’re all gone.


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