Why Trump is Good for America

Vote with these hilarious gift books!

Do you have a friend who’s just a little too serious about one of the major Presidential candidates? Send them a message to lighten up – with one of these great blank gift books.

Why Trump is Good For America
Why Trump is Good for America
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These are great books to keep on your coffee table for guests.

Excellent conversation starters.

Assuming your friends have a sense of humor, they also make great gifts.

Each of these¬†thoroughly researched books by Joe Kerr contains detailed information about why Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton would be a good president. Exhaustively researched and succinctly presented. There is no better summary of these two candidates’¬†talents available in America today.

These are blank gift books with 100 blank pages each.

Order one for every friend you have!

Note: We only printed 250,000 of these books. So order as many as you need – before they’re all gone.


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